Annnnnd we’re back

So, it’s been a long, long time between drinks but finally I am getting back on the Wagon.
I’ve had a baby in the interim and I do TOTALLY blame my slight deviation… Strong deviation…. Ok, TOTAL deviation from Paleo on that… It’s really hard to stick to the ‘rules’ when all you can stomach is blueberry muffins and mcnuggets. I shit you not.
Today, 9mths post baby and 9kg heavier than pre-baby I decided it was time. Time to be good to myself, to feel good about myself, to feel good within myself. Not going to be easy… Toast is SUCH a great meal for a tired FIFO mumma… But I’m determined to treat my body as well as I treat my daughters. Cause nothing is more important for her, than me.
I want to stop feeling shit and lose this fluffiness. For real.
Come with me, motivate me!

x S