Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Dining Out

So – I’ve hit Day 12. Doing much better than I was the other day; no threats to passing snackers any more.

Today, I faced my biggest challenge yet. I mean, yesterday was tough – one of the guys bought in a tub (yes a TUB) of chocolates slices, caramel slices, mars bar slice….*insert drool here* ….But I resisted, clamped my hand over my mouth and nose, averted my eyes and took out my grapes.  Munched away at them imagining they MUST be JUST as tasty as those slices that everyone else was in chocolate ecstasy over… mustn’t they? MUSTN’T THEY!

Anyway.  Back to the point. Sorry.

Today – my work group WENT OUT FOR LUNCH.  To a little café with a limited menu. A limited menu that includes ‘gourmet cheeseburger’, ‘butter chicken’, baguettes with beautiful, lovely, gourmet ingredients…. Sigh.  Literally everything had rice, cream, cheese or bread in it. Didn’t help I’d eaten most of it before, and knew that a lot of it was really, really good. (Before you say it – yes, I know not good for my body, but man was it good for my soul – take that).  Spotted one possibility – tuna patties – til I saw they were tuna and potato patties………!!!

An emergency text to my husband –> omg out to lunch with office and nothing to eat 😦

Bless his cotton socks, his reply was “Do your best. 80/20 remember.”
But I was determined – so I searched through the menu – found an almost paleo meal and ordered:

Steak Sandwich w/ aioli, served with fries

And amended it to:

Steak Sandwich with Salad

And then when it arrived – removed the bread (gave it to my lunchmates – how’s that for recycling!) which also had the aioli on it and voila!  I suddenly had for lunch a steak with salad. Totally Paleo AND didn’t make me look like a weirdo!  BAM!!

Feeling amazing – then the waiter says – and what would you like to drink?

Scan the menu…. Fruit juice – no; smoothie – no; soft drink – no; tea/coffee – no; milkshake – no!  In desperation – I say to the waiter – do you have mineral water? Thankfully yes, so that’s what I ordered. Still Paleo. Happy Days!!

Just goes to show, even when you’re out for a meal you can still stick to this new lifestyle.  And to be honest, because I had a steak with my salad, I didn’t feel like that sad-sack miserably eating salad in the corner while everyone else tucks into a yummo meal.  Protein is good for that (except chicken, that screams I’M ON A DIET!!!).

So – moral of the story – Paleo fine dining is possible.  If I can do it in my little, isolated, very very limited town, it can be achieved anywhere. AND, its possible to do it without feeling like you’re missing anything. What you are doing is making a better choice for your body 🙂

PS. Turns out the waiter didn’t understand English so well and my ‘mineral water’ actually became ‘soda water’ which I am about 70% sure is NOT Paleo due to the added sodium…. Fail.  But at least I tried, right?  Right?

I’m cheering, anyways 🙂