About the Attempt

I’d not long been seeing loads of “Paleo” recipes popping up on Pinterest when my husband came home one day and said he had this ‘thing’ he wanted us to try. Apparently, one of the guys at work (thanks, Shane) was doing it and it sounded really good. As soon as he said it was a diet change, I was like, “Paleo, right?”

So his plan: try Paleo for 3 months and decide if its something we could do forever.

I agreed to the 3 month trial – what could it hurt, really? – and then we set about educating ourselves what Paleo was, looking up recipes that were Paleo and working out what ‘staples’ we needed to buy.

Then we cleaned out our pantry and restocked it. Note – we didn’t throw things out, we’ve got them stored in our back room in case this all turns to shit and we just NEED some STARCH! or a CAKE!

It’s going to be challenging, that’s for sure, but its also going to be good. I think. Anyway, this blog is somewhere I can just keep track of my journey from pleb to paleo and the highs and lows along the way!

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