I would LOVE to eat some bad food right now!

So, its about day 10 and right now I’m in struggle town a little.

I just cooked a lovely paleo dinner, well, my husband liked it. I thought the broccoli didn’t go so well with the dill, and the stuffed squash was nice but a little sweet for me (I blame the lemon thyme). That said, the chicken, pan-fried, sliced and topped with avocado sauce (avo, basil and lemon juice) was pretty nice.  But anyways.

Today I had eggs and ham for breakfast/lunch (I wasn’t hungry until lunch time > bit of a bonus of this way of eating) and then made some pumpkin bread … worked out ok.  

So then put together this dinner and though Chris enjoyed it – I’m not feeling satisfied and I am DEFINITELY craving something naughty. Like chocolate. Or chips. Or cheese.

So instead I have a handful of grapes. Hmmmmmm. I guess this is why newbies are often told to go 80/20 – you’re allowed to have a little naughty stuff so you don’t fall off the wagon all together. We’re not doing that though, we’re trying to be strong.

God help me if anyone wanders by with yummy smelling food right now!


One thought on “I would LOVE to eat some bad food right now!

  1. Haha, yeah I read in Robb Wolfs “The Paleo Solution” that for a treat you can have chocolate as longs as its dark at 80% or more cocoa (so thats less sugar and stuff). I tried a square. It was disgusting. It was so foul. It’s literally like opening a box of cocoa, and shoving a table spoon of it into your gob. I thought oh yeah its chocolate just fight through it… I spat it out. Then I continued to keep spitting until even the spit that was next to the spit that could see the chocolate was gone. As long as I imagine thats what normal chocolate tastes like Easter will be easier.. Because I loves me some easter eggs. It’s nicer than any other chocolate! Im pretty much day 13. Stay strong guys. Erika is weaker than a balinese manhole cover!

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