Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Dining Out

So – I’ve hit Day 12. Doing much better than I was the other day; no threats to passing snackers any more.

Today, I faced my biggest challenge yet. I mean, yesterday was tough – one of the guys bought in a tub (yes a TUB) of chocolates slices, caramel slices, mars bar slice….*insert drool here* ….But I resisted, clamped my hand over my mouth and nose, averted my eyes and took out my grapes.  Munched away at them imagining they MUST be JUST as tasty as those slices that everyone else was in chocolate ecstasy over… mustn’t they? MUSTN’T THEY!

Anyway.  Back to the point. Sorry.

Today – my work group WENT OUT FOR LUNCH.  To a little café with a limited menu. A limited menu that includes ‘gourmet cheeseburger’, ‘butter chicken’, baguettes with beautiful, lovely, gourmet ingredients…. Sigh.  Literally everything had rice, cream, cheese or bread in it. Didn’t help I’d eaten most of it before, and knew that a lot of it was really, really good. (Before you say it – yes, I know not good for my body, but man was it good for my soul – take that).  Spotted one possibility – tuna patties – til I saw they were tuna and potato patties………!!!

An emergency text to my husband –> omg out to lunch with office and nothing to eat 😦

Bless his cotton socks, his reply was “Do your best. 80/20 remember.”
But I was determined – so I searched through the menu – found an almost paleo meal and ordered:

Steak Sandwich w/ aioli, served with fries

And amended it to:

Steak Sandwich with Salad

And then when it arrived – removed the bread (gave it to my lunchmates – how’s that for recycling!) which also had the aioli on it and voila!  I suddenly had for lunch a steak with salad. Totally Paleo AND didn’t make me look like a weirdo!  BAM!!

Feeling amazing – then the waiter says – and what would you like to drink?

Scan the menu…. Fruit juice – no; smoothie – no; soft drink – no; tea/coffee – no; milkshake – no!  In desperation – I say to the waiter – do you have mineral water? Thankfully yes, so that’s what I ordered. Still Paleo. Happy Days!!

Just goes to show, even when you’re out for a meal you can still stick to this new lifestyle.  And to be honest, because I had a steak with my salad, I didn’t feel like that sad-sack miserably eating salad in the corner while everyone else tucks into a yummo meal.  Protein is good for that (except chicken, that screams I’M ON A DIET!!!).

So – moral of the story – Paleo fine dining is possible.  If I can do it in my little, isolated, very very limited town, it can be achieved anywhere. AND, its possible to do it without feeling like you’re missing anything. What you are doing is making a better choice for your body 🙂

PS. Turns out the waiter didn’t understand English so well and my ‘mineral water’ actually became ‘soda water’ which I am about 70% sure is NOT Paleo due to the added sodium…. Fail.  But at least I tried, right?  Right?

I’m cheering, anyways 🙂

I would LOVE to eat some bad food right now!

So, its about day 10 and right now I’m in struggle town a little.

I just cooked a lovely paleo dinner, well, my husband liked it. I thought the broccoli didn’t go so well with the dill, and the stuffed squash was nice but a little sweet for me (I blame the lemon thyme). That said, the chicken, pan-fried, sliced and topped with avocado sauce (avo, basil and lemon juice) was pretty nice.  But anyways.

Today I had eggs and ham for breakfast/lunch (I wasn’t hungry until lunch time > bit of a bonus of this way of eating) and then made some pumpkin bread … worked out ok.  

So then put together this dinner and though Chris enjoyed it – I’m not feeling satisfied and I am DEFINITELY craving something naughty. Like chocolate. Or chips. Or cheese.

So instead I have a handful of grapes. Hmmmmmm. I guess this is why newbies are often told to go 80/20 – you’re allowed to have a little naughty stuff so you don’t fall off the wagon all together. We’re not doing that though, we’re trying to be strong.

God help me if anyone wanders by with yummy smelling food right now!

The Before and After


This is “before”

Thought I’d share these pics, to demonstrate just how much of what Chris and were eating everyday Is considered a ‘No’ food by Paleo rules. Shocked me!!




Yep, this is “after”; big difference! Goes to show how little of what we were eating WASN’T processed 😦

Week One Done

So – we’ve completed the first week of our Paleo Attempt.

We managed to empty our pantry of ‘non-paleo’ foods (read: all my favourites) and purchase MOST of what we need for a Paleo diet, the “staples”, although being in the Pilbara means there is a few items we’ll need to order online or just go without. Like kelp pasta. It sounds terrible but if its the only pasta I can have…
So far – its been OK. Turns out the dinners and lunches are pretty easy to think of – meat and vegetables, or meat and salad.  Its when you want something different that you need to branch out, oh and when you want breakfast. What breakfast can you have without grains (bye-bye bread, bye-bye cereal!) or carbs? Not that I usually have rice for breakfast but still.  A lot of eggs have been consumed this week by my husband, lucky for me I don’t eat breakfast so its not been a challenge – until the weekend, when I usually will eat brekky.

Solved the problem with scrambled eggs w/chorizo yesterday and today, tapioca crepes with bacon.  The eggs were yummy and something I would have eaten pre-paleo; the tapioca crepes were… different. Pretty nice, and surprisingly filling but definitely different.

We realised while making breakfast that we’ll need to completely re-learn how to cook things because the ingredients we are now using behave differently (like tapioca).

So – weight wise I’ve gone from 61.1kg > 59.5kg; I’ve found myself consuming more fruit / vegetables this week than I have in the past month (which can only be a good thing) and feeling better throughout the day, as in I’m not coming home from working feeling so bloated any more.  Maybe its a co-incidence, but we’ll see I guess!

Week 2 my challenge is to cut sugar out of my coffee (its the only time I add sugar to anything) and see what Paleo options McDonalds offers. Truly! I really don’t want to say goodbye to Macca’s!

Nicest v-day meal ever! Roast pork with chilli broccoli & mushrooms. Yummo!

Nicest v-day meal ever! Roast pork with chilli broccoli & mushrooms. Yummo!

Lunch made of dinner left overs - simple: BBQ Roast Chicken and a salad. Miss the cheese but we're finding ways to make up for it :)

Lunch made of dinner left overs – simple: BBQ Roast Chicken and a salad. Miss the cheese but we’re finding ways to make up for it 🙂

Some of the non-paleo items we've removed from our pantry... we probably took out 75% of our food! No exaggeration!

Some of the non-paleo items we’ve removed from our pantry… we probably took out 75% of our food! No exaggeration!

I’ll also try to put up some before and after pics of our pantry 🙂